Looking back and looking forward

  Hello friends and family. The New Years Eve is upon us. The Editor and I wish to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy (and Healthy) New Year for 2019.  2018 has been a wonderful year for us. We celebrated our 40th Anniversary last week with family and friends. Had some good times (and some sorrow) as we said hello to a new nephew and farewell to loved ones and some friends too. We are looking forward to our move to the mountains and the new adventures that await us there.

  I have chosen some of my favorite photos from the past year for this last weekly publication of Reflections on Broward.  The winter and spring were highlighted with some amazing reflections and my first Painted Bunting. We were able to follow the Pileated Woodpecker family of Chipper and JoJo and welcome Pete and Polly and some Barred Owlets into the world. The summer saw the familiar shorebirds and a colony of Brown Pelicans establish nesting for the first time at my favorite beach at Huguenot Park. Some road trips followed with glimpses of Bald Eagles, a Belted Kingfisher, and nesting Snail Kites. The fall brought the familiar Broward Herons and Egrets that frequent the marsh. 

  As we prepare for our move I will only have time to publish on a monthly basis. Once we get established in our new mountain home I hope to continue a blog called Mountain Musings. Until then we wish you the Happiest New Year and all the Lord’s Blessings.  Mr. Doohickey and the Editor send with all our love. 

A Time to reflect on the past year…

Snowy reflections…

My first capture of a Painted Bunting on the Broward

This pair of Barred Owlets made my annual Christmas card cover..

Who can forget welcoming Pete and Polly into the world with Chipper and JoJo..

Who can forget welcoming Pete and Polly into the world with Chipper and JoJo..

Springtime brought the mating season for the birds. Wedding Veil was on of favorite images..

Male House Finch awaits a turn at the feeder..

Roseate Spoonbill bringing in nesting materials..

I see you Mr. Doohickey!

Male Snail Kite bringing food (apple snail) to the nest for the young ones..

Male Belted Kingfisher highlighted another road trip.

Fresh fish is what is for dinner for the Osprey family today

Great Blue Heron relaxing at the beach

Brown Pelicans nested at Huguenot Beach for the first time..

Stop and smell the flowers..young Brown Pelican ventures out..

Osprey keeps an eye out for an Eagle..

The majestic Bald Eagle, symbol of our nation..

Time to look forward to the coming New Year…

Soon the Editor and I will be flying off to new adventures in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

See ya on the mountains soon I hope..

See ya on the mountains soon I hope..

Until then we will be waiting on the dock and hope to see ya soon..

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