Poet Carl Sandberg’s poems short but poignant prose came to the Editors memory as we stared out the window early in the morning this past week. 

 “The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.”

  It is nearly 1 AM Saturday as I pen these words, awakened after but a few hours of sleep. I am still in a bit of a fog myself. I returned from my dear brother’s wife’s funeral in Ohio on 1 December. Upon arrival there in wintery conditions on the 27th of November, I slipped on some unseen black ice at the airport parking lot and badly bruised my rear end. A trip to the ER upon returning home to Florida later confirmed nothing was broken, only badly bruised. My leg began to turn black and blue as blood from the injury pooled down my leg. Complications from the injury caused such severe pain that I was hospitalized from 6-8 Dec but got home in time to see Navy lose to Army for the third year in a row. Next year! On Monday morning this past week my vision suddenly started to go haywire. I called for the Editor and we headed back to the ER. By the time we got to the hospital only about 5 miles away, I could barely move my arms and legs and had to be lifted out of the car. While the Editor parked the vehicle, they took me to admitting. I could barely speak or move my tongue by then. Stroke was all I could think of. The Editor was talking to someone and it felt like the left side of my face was being pulled from my skull, I could not move a muscle on my left side by then. I tried to get the Editors attention by waving my right arm, the only thing I could move. She came and laid her hand on my face and prayed. A moment later all feelings and control suddenly returned to me. I could talk again. Praise God for His touch. 

  The doctors said I had what is called a “Transient Ischemic Attack” or TIA. Often referred to as a mini-stroke. Unlike a stroke, there was no permanent brain damage and I should recover fully in due course.  That is the good news. The not so good news is that I feel I must bring a weekly Reflections on Broward to a close this month as I recoup, and we prepare now to sell our home and start a new adventure in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. Until we sell the house, I plan to publish but once a month in 2019 towards the end of the month. When we finally get settled in our new home I plan to continue my photography on a different level. I am thinking of a blog called Mountain Musings.. In the meantime, I will review the past years efforts with you. It has been my privilege and honor to share these moments and images with you the past six years. The fog of life will lift and the sun will shine again. Blessings…Harry

“The fog comes on little cat feet” (Carl Sandberg)…and covers the Broward…

Snow covered fields of Ohio where all the “fun” began…

Golden Snowy on the Broward..See, the sun did shine again!

Late Autumn Snowy…

Golden glow on the Tricolored Heron..

The Broward Breakfast Club..


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