The Maine Event..finale

     Last week the Editor and I took a wonderful trip on the train via Amtrak to Boston.   What a great way to travel and see the east coast without the hassle of long days of driving and hotels and such. It was so relaxing just watching the world go by in comfort. We learned some dos and don’ts (took too many bags of luggage, etc.etc.) Overall it was worth it and enjoyable. Met up with some good friends in Maine, saw some Puffins and lots of foggy days. On our return we stopped by just north of Boston for a wonderful ocean view dinner with my ole (not too old) Academy roommate John and his lovely wife Irene. We made our train connection home via Washington DC with 2 minutes to spare.

     On my previous visit to the same Puffin adventure last July I had clear blue skies and calm seas. I wanted the Editor to see the same blue skies and calm seas but we  awoke on the morning of my first Puffin excursion to pea-soup fog. It stayed that way until the day we left. We still did enjoy sitting on the balcony deck at the Riverside Inn with our friends Ed and Deb and watched a pair of local Eagles and Canada Goose fly up and down the river. The seas were too rough to safely land on the island, so our photography of the Puffins was limited to whatever birds we could find floating nearby. The captain put us in the small launch and we did get some sea-level shots when the fog briefly lifted. The second day the seas precluded safe boating, so we remained in the main tour boat. In the afternoons we toured the local country side and feasted on lobster and blueberries. The Editor got to see the Lupines up close and brought some seeds home.  I didn’t get my dream Puffin shot but did make one capture worthy of a National Geographic cover shot.

     Hope you enjoy these photos of the Maine event. Next year we are thinking of going a bit further North to Newfoundland Canada to see the Puffins. Blessings. 

Have suitcases- Will travel...too much luggage but we are packed and ready

Machias Seal Island lighthouse barely visible in the fog...a lot different than last years view. 

This was how we captured our photos the first day..very challenging conditions indeed. 

True clowns of the sea...we got a happy wave from the Atlantic Puffin

When the fog lifted I did capture some close aboard shots of the Atlantic Puffin lifting off the ocean

Atlantic Puffin just floating by...

Puffins need to take a running start to lift off due to their short stubby wings..

Once airborne they need to really beat those wings to stay up. 

Whee.....I'm free from the sea!

A very "Penguin looking" Razorbill floats by the boat..

A Razorbill launches into the surf from the island

The deep diving Common Murre was also on the island in large numbers. 

Low Flyer...Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin floats by the boat...

Juvenile Herring Gull fly by..

"Eagle view" from our deck at the Riverside Inn...

The Editor at the George HW Bush estate, Kennebunkport Maine

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, Lubec, Maine.

On a clear day in Maine you can see forever...but not today

My National Geographic worthy Cover Photo of a Puffin walking on water...(actually this cover shot photo can by made with any photo via Nat Geo's "Create your own cover"  but maybe someday I will make the real thing). 

Had a wonderful dinner with Academy roommate John Kucinski and beautiful wife Irene..this it their vacation home north of Boston ocean view! 


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