30 January 2013 Reflections

     Back on Goose Pond (I told you I would be back). Grab your coffee, let’s look at some more landings. Aviators actually do learn (although some of us ship driver types think it an oxymoron) from observing birds in flight as they maneuver. It teaches them what actions to take to avoid collisions. Here are some close encounters from Goose Pond.

     There is a honk over my shoulder of an incoming flight of geese. I look up to see them zoom overhead. It looks like one of them hits a bit of clear air turbulence. The goose quickly adjusts wing flaps, smooths out, and continues on in. But it was real turbulent there for a moment. A formation of what looks like goose “bombers” come in from the east. Two break off to do what aviators call a section landing, one that they practice hundreds of times. The lead goose goes into a left wing bank, they are a bit too high. They adjust. The wing-bird is now a bit too close to the lead’s tail feather exhaust and they nearly collide. They both apply the airbrakes and the lead bird breaks right and aborts the landing. It was an instinctive maneuver, but it saved them both.

     Any landing you can walk away from is a good one. But it might be bumpy. Be prepared for a bit of turbulence in life, just ride it out, adjust your flaps and altitude (and maybe attitude). If you get in trouble, don’t be afraid to abort the landing, go around and try again. Be ready with a plan for emergencies and practice it. Sometimes instincts and quick reflexes will save you from a disaster.  But practice makes perfect they say. Fly safe today. Be blessed. Harry

An incoming Canada Goose flies overhead.

The goose encounters some turbulence and adjusts..

Ahh, smooth air now! It glides on in.

A flight of inbound Canada geese appear like "bombers" returning to the airfield.

A pair of geese break off like a section landing.

The lead bird begins to slow.

The wing-bird nearly collides.

Both geese hit the airbrakes!

Lead bird banks right and aborts the landing attempt.

Fat Albert comes in for a landing!

Ahh..made the runway ok..

Having a little trouble stopping here...

Ran outta runway....The end!

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