25 January 2013 Reflections

     It was a clear cold morning with frost on the ground crunching beneath my feet. I know it’s still “Florida” for you readers up North but for us down here that is cold. My trusty  thermos of coffee was with me to ward off the chill as I set up my blind on the neighbor’s dock. The sun began to rise. I was “wishin and hopin”* for some close-ups this morning.

     The Tricolored Heron and Snowy Egrets begin congregating on a small spit of mud waiting for the tide to go out and wishin and hopin for some fish. From my vantage point in the blind it proved to be all I was hoping for and I didn’t have to wait too long. One by one the Snowy Egrets began to line up along the bank and were soon standing all in line. It reminded me of my days at the Naval Academy as we lined up for morning formation. These white birds against the dark marsh mud gave me an excellent opportunity to practice and shoot for the right “white balance” techniques. It was much harder than I thought it would be. I was hopin for success and wishin I could master the right camera settings. I finally got a few I can share (shot over 200 photos though). Do you recall the birds "sittin on the dock" and the feathers flying from the other day? Well they were there also and "sorta" together again, the three of them. It looks like she can still ruffle his feathers and he can still get her tail feathers up though. The Little Blue Heron was also there wishin and hopin for a fish.

     My editor in chief is tired of reading these two words by now. But "Wishin and Hopin" is what I leave with you today. We all spend time doing it. Sometimes we forget the other part of the lyrics though…the "thinkin and prayin" part. They all go together so we stay together. Be blessed. Harry

* Wishin and Hopin sung by Snowy (Dusty) Springfield (song written by Bird (Burt) Bacharach and Hal David)

'Cause wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'
So if you're thinkin' of how great true love is

All you gotta do is hold him and kiss him and squeeze him and love him
Yeah, just do it
And after you do, you will be his
You will be his
You will be his

Cool Frosty morning. Birds gather on a spit of mud.

Morning Meal Formation at the Dock Academy

The happy couple and Mother in Law

She still sorta ruffles his feathers!

And he gets her tail feathers up!

Little Blue Heron wishin and hopin for fish!

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