23 January 2013 Reflections

     Today was a good day on the dock. It didn’t start out that way though. Old Man River was there in the predawn light sitting in a tree. He took off before I could get a good shot. The clouds soon thickened and made for poor light conditions. I took a few photos but there was nothing I would care to print. The good news is my replacement lens later arrived and I got a call from the North Jax Monthly. They are doing an article on Reflections in the next issue. Anxious to try the new lens I took it down to the dock in the late afternoon. The light still wasn’t great but I got some amusing shots of life on the dock.

A Tricolored Heron is at the end of the dock, just sitting there, staring at the water and looking like he is enjoying himself.  A pair of Snowy Egrets soon fly in and get a bit too close to his personal space. I observe the almost human-like interactions that take place next. They both stand tall and circle each other. Soon the feathers ruffle up on both of them. It looks like a bad “feather” day. This fluffing and ruffling of head and tail feathers is a common interaction I have observed in these species of birds. I catch this comical moment. It appears like the Tricolored Heron has had enough and feathers fly (literally). The Snowy Egrets goes one way, and the Tricolored Heron the other. It was hilarious to see them interact. It makes for funny slideshows, too. 

   We all like to be like the heron, just ” sitting on the dock of the bay “ * wasting time. Sometimes others get in our space on life’s dock. Words are exchanged and we ruffle our feathers.  Instead of letting the feathers fly next time, remember why you went to the dock in the first place. Find your place of peace again. If it gets too crowded go "Up on the roof" **. Soon you will be like this little grebe singing that old Beach “Bird” *** hit "Good Vibrations".  Be blessed. Harry


*     Dock of the Bay  sung by Otis Red-wing (and someone named Otis Redding)

      **   Up on the Roof  by the Grebesters…originally sung by the Drifters

*** Good Vibrations originally sung by the Beach Boys

Old Man River observes Red Sky in Morning. Herons take warning.

Tricolored Heron sittin on the dock of the bay.

Do you have to bring your Mother every day? Hey, is it something I said?

We just can't see eye to eye anymore! Suspicious minds!

She gets his dander up, He gets her tail feathers up! Bad "feather" day!

Feathers fly!

Up on the roof !

Good Good Good Good Vibrations!

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