21 January 2013 Reflections

     I like to think outside the “dock” sometimes. You know, the whole time, space, relativity, other dimensions kind of stuff.  Who needs a space suit to be a time-space traveler. All I need is a dock, a cup of coffee, a folding chair, and a camera (but don’t forget the fabric dryer sheets to ward off the evil gnat villains). I just have to be careful not to go over the edge.

     I am sitting in my chair, my camera ready, just quietly observing the movements, the sounds and creation before me. It is clear and cold. A Great Egret lifts up out of the marsh. All I see is wings of white filling the sky as it silently glides overhead. I can feel more than see the wings slowly rise up. The wings, backlit against the sun, clouds, and sky seem as if they are transparent.  The fluid movement of tendons and feathers and skeletal structure are mesmerizing. The eyes of that bird stare straight into mine (catch the eyes they teach us in class). Still mesmerized, it seems as if I have wings too. The cool air ruffles through feathers pressing them down as the wind streams above and below the wings creating the miracle of flight. I feel the rush of wind beneath the wings as the powerful downbeat lifts me higher. The rising current of air pushes upward on the wings, directing them towards the sun.  “PUSH THE DOOHICKEY” a voice in my head yells! Suddenly I am back on the dock, staring thru a lens. Then I remember why I came here in the first place, to catch the moment. But is it gone? As I fumble with the buttons and displays, the little LCD view proves to me I was there. I did catch it. But I was transported through a portal in time, if only for a moment, right there on the dock. 

     We all have those moments I think. Something takes your breath away. How do we share them with one another? Ansel Adams did it in black and white. His photographs of works and wonders of God are frozen in time for all to see. I am certainly no Ansel Adams but I can go down to the dock each day and share with you. Take time to share a moment this week with someone you love. Take a photograph. Most important of all, cherish the time together in your heart. You never know when the moment will be gone. For you Missy. Be blessed, Harry

A Bird lifts up out of the marsh unseen.

Great Egret glides overhead, the wings translucent against the sky.

The miracle of winged flight

"Beam me up Scotty!"

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