17 January 2013 Reflections

            The sun was already rising and bright today. I was a bit behind schedule as I walked to the end the neighboring pier. My blind had been set up there earlier as I had hoped to be there at first light. Already there to greet me was my tricolored friend  (see 10 Jan blog).  He seemed unconcerned at my approach and just watched me as I watched him.  Then he slowly flew away.

            Today I made sure my stabilizer was “on” in my quest for the light.  Before me is an island of marsh grass with channels on my left and my right. The tide is inbound, just beginning to turn. The backlit scenes to the left are bright. Some small wading birds walk in the bog like on stilts.  A soggy raccoon appears and swims through the stream, then slowly drags himself up thru the sunlit mud blight. It looks to me as if he has been up prowling all night. The view to the right is more soothing to me. With the sun from my back it seems so crisp and clear that you can almost see around the bend.  A red-winged blackbird lands close by and begins to sing. I have been trying for days hoping to catch the red flash of its wings. Today I caught it at the approach of a rival.  Suddenly more movement catches my eye. It seems as if I am in a racetrack for egrets.  One, then two, fly low from my left and around the bend at eye level.  My shutter, though quick, catches only the reflection zooming by. I glance overhead and catch a great egret in flight. Those wings seem so graceful, reflecting the light. The sun rises higher, the honk of Canada geese fill the air. They fly towards the sun as distant silhouettes against the sky. Ah if only I had my new lens. Yesterday is not soon enough for me.

            I gained some new perspectives today. Some lessons were learned that I must remember to file away. To catch the sun one must practice each day. Observe movements. Keep the sun on your back. It was getting late as the mid morning sun arose higher making ” jewels” in the ripples. They shone like bright diamonds with a glistening shimmer. I remember those gems as I pack my gear and began to write (and re-write). Be blessed. Harry

My old friend silhouetted the sky.

View to my left.

Soggy raccoon.

View to my right.  The sun from behind.

Red-winged blackbird flashing. Natures Stoplight.

Great Egret overhead catching the sun.

Egret low level fly by reflection

Canada Geese, winter friends fly by

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