1 January 2013 Reflections

     Happy New Year! Today's efforts were met with hope for the New Year. It turned out to be a lesson in frustration and patience. The waning Moon was crisp and clear but clouds quickly converged giving poor light in the morning fog and incoming tide.

     Three Hooded Mergansers showed up early but it was way too dark to catch a good photo. Spunky, the Kingfisher, was eagerly perched on the neighbors copula roof  watching below for a morning meal. I decided to try and capture this event and learned it takes great patience and quick camera work to catch this bird in flight. I only captured a few shots and the lighting was not optimal and it seemed every time my eye went to the lens to focus that darn bird would choose that moment to dive and I was playing catch up to find her for a shot. The results were frustrating for me but Spunky did enjoy some fresh shrimp and minnows for breakfast. A sword of mallards swam up the muddy meanders  towards my dock but alas the sun would not cooperate again. A fleeting ray of sunshine helped make my shot of the day on one of the hens.  A Snowy Egret and a Tricolored Heron flew in for a quick look and left.

I hope your New Year starts out much better. There is hope each day. God Bless..

Waning New Years moon at dawn.

Mallard on the Broward. These are the most common duck in America. I usually only see these in the winter months. Males have a striking green head color with a white ring around the base of the neck.

Spunky repositions for another dive!

Shrimp omelet anyone?

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