10 January 2013 Reflections

     The morning fog was like a thick white blanket today. I could see what was behind me but ahead was shrouded and obscure (kind of like life heh?). As I prepared for today’s adventure I remembered those pesky gnats from yesterday. A friend told me to use fabric softener swipes (like the kind you put in a dryer).  I put one under each sleeve to cover my hands and one under the brim of my Tilly (hat). Not a bite all morning long.

     It was nearly high tide with an incoming flow. Just like yesterday, Old Man River, the Great Blue Heron, slinked off along with the Snowy Egret at my approach. I figured there was no use sneaking so I just sat up my blind. I noticed that one lone bird ( a small Tricolored Heron) didn’t seem to mind my presence and stayed. It was as if to say, "I’m not leaving friend. Not yet today".  I decided as long as it would stay, I would stay. There was not much to see and I kind of liked it that way. So I just sat there and listened to the marsh today. If you sit quiet in the fog you can hear for miles. So I just listened. The fog had dampened the distant road noise. Soon the cry of an eagle was heard somewhere in the distance. The Kak Kak Kak of the Clapper Rails started to echo from all points in the marsh. A flock of Red Winged Black Birds began an aerial ballet as they swooped down from the trees to settle into the grass. Soon their melodious call was filling the air.  From the back of my blind I saw a splash of color.  It was a bright red Cardinal (the state bird of Ohio). He was lamenting the Bengals playoff elimination with a neighboring sparrow. A Little Blue Heron flew in and approached my friend. The bark of a dog spooked him and away he flew. But not my friend in the fog, he stayed. He was true.

            Soon the sun began to melt the white cloud away. My friend was still there. The distant shore soon began to appear in the light. A few trees now reflected from the bank on the Broward. My friend in the fog looked at me and finally sauntered away. "It was time to go" he seemed to say.  As I folded my blind, Old Man River flew by and proclaimed. "Take time to be quiet. Just listen today. Remember your friend in the fog is not far away". Be Blessed. Harry

Red Winged Blackbirds in the white blanket fog.

My Friend in the Fog, a tricolored heron.

My Bengals lost!

Trees begin to appear in the fog.

Old Man River says be quiet !  Just  listen for your friend in the fog

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