Cool Clear Water...

     Any cowboys out there? Surely you recall the lyrics of “Cool Water” sung by Marty Robbins then. Do these hot summer days make you think like Old Dan and long for a drink of "Cool clear water"? The Jacksonville Zoo is only a few miles south of my home. Just recently they started a photographers group, which I joined. Was it ever hot though the day we met! It made me thirst for cool clear water.

     Our photo tour took us to the lair of the Jaguar to photograph Khan, a young male. Khan is an energetic youngster for sure. He is quite the swimmer too. We watched as he lurked around the lair, hunting for food laid out for him and then he headed for the pool. It was full of fish and a few toys. Khan wasted no time jumping in the cool clear water to enjoy a swim, bite the toys, and then sample a few fish swimming in pool too. At one point he sat up and gave me a few great shots of him enjoying that cool clear water.

     The Zoo also has a rookery for the Wood Storks. I have seen some flying on the Broward and headed for the area where they make their roost each year. Enroute to where the storks usually are I passed by the Lions den also. It too had a pool of water the lions could drink from. It must have had something bitter in it though because when the male lion drank from it, he immediately got an awful scowl on his face and really expressed himself. Must not have been as nice and cool as the water in Khan’s pool. One lone Wood Stork was all I found. In their place were Black Vultures pointing the way to who knows where. Certainly no cool clear water to be found down the path they recommend.

Sometimes the paths we take in life lead to bitter waters. Be wary of who is pointing the way. Be like Khan and enjoy a pool of clear cool water...the everlasting kind. Be Blessed. Harry

Meet Khan, the young male jaguar, a recent addition to the Jacksonville zoo

Like most youngsters, Khan likes to play with bite though and this ball was gone..

I think I see something yummy!

I see a fish!

Time for a relaxing dip..

And the taste of Cool Clear Water...

My water is bitter...Yech!

"Where is the cool clear water?" roared the lion. 

The Rhino eats some cool green grass instead..

The path to the cool clear water is that way said the black me...

I found one lone Wood Stork...he looks like he could use a drink of Cool Clear Water..

"Look into my very careful what path you take"  says Khan. Look for the Living Cool Clear water instead.

The end..


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