Watchers on the river..

     A northeasterly breeze blows over the Broward (thanks to Hurricane Cristobol), replacing the warm humid air with a welcome but brief respite from the dog days of August. The Tricolored heron flies right over top of me and lands on his favorite perch about sunset. This feathered watcher surveys the river and seems to say a change and fall is soon coming. September mornings have indeed arrived on this steamy Labor Day.

     The tides are perfect for an early morning paddle up the river in my wavewalk kayak. I see the fins of a redfish break the surface as I go into the channel leading to the “Secret Hideout” on the Broward. Long white-feathered necks crane to watch me as I make my not so stealthy approach through a narrow channel winding through the marsh grass. At first the Great Egret just warily watches me but soon begins to get nervous and flies over to the nearby tree that is the entrance to the hideout. With a loud protest it then takes wing and heads across the river. But not before I capture the takeoff (sorta). Those wings are just too wide for my camera settings. The confines of the Kayak and a paddle make quick changes a bit more challenging. I decide to return the next morning and find a pair of Roseate Spoonbills in the tree with the Great Egret. Not wanting to spook them I just slowly drift with the current. They seem undisturbed as my doohickey clicks and clicks until at last they say that is enough for today and head off for breakfast. As I return to the dock area I find a few of the Little Blue and Night Herons feeding along the bank. They watch me from the river as I drift ever so close. My battery then blinks its last as my allotted time expires.

     Like the watchers on the river I too am watching the signs. Another Blood Moon is coming next month. I wonder what will happen next on the world stage of events. As I focus on the eyes of the heron in the setting suns light I wonder what is going on it its thoughts. Just how far can these feathered creatures really see? Do they sense the changes not only in the weather but other things as well?  Someday I too will see with that birds eye view. Till then..Be blessed. 

The Tricolored heron look right at me at and flies over my head …(go to full screen on this one !)

It takes its favorite perch ...

Goodbye August…Hello September..!

The Great Egret watches warily as I approach in my kayak.

My lens can't capture the stretch of those wings ...

It launches into the bright morning sky..

The next morning I find a pair of Roseate Spoonbills relaxing in the hideout.

They just look at me, undisturbed by the click of my doohickey..

Finally they tire of my presence and check their wings and the wind..

and take flight….

As I return to the dock the watchers are watching me...

The Little Blue Heron enjoys the fresh breeze in the air..the marsh grass is just beginning to turn a hint of golden

Not everyone is thrilled to see me though..

A protest is lodged...

My next challenge is to catch Spunky the Belted Kingfisher up close…Welcome to September on this Labor Day..


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