Who is watching who?

     The September mornings came and went so fast. Seems like it was only June a few days ago. The tides were right for a morning journey on the Kayak this past week so I have been paddling in the morning and sitting on the dock watching the sunsets in the evenings. Been an interesting week. Late one night near sunset I saw the mating pair of Eagles fly over. I think a feather was missing in the same place on the left wing that I saw missing last year on one of the Eagles. Probably it is the same bird. I have been watching for them. And I get the feeling something has been watching me too.

     Last week I did get back to the Secret Broward Bird Hangout to see the Spoonbills again. And like before, after a while they get nervous and take off across the river to the old dead tree so again I follow them. I paddle over to the tree and look up. Instead of leaving, they just look down and watch me. One turns its head in response to my whisper. I paddle closer to the tree. It follows me out to the edge of the limb and stares down at me. For a minute there I thought it was going to turn around and drop a “present” but it didn’t. Fortunately for me it is just curious. They just sit there and watch me while I push the doohickey.

     I also made a return visit to the pelican dock hangout. Larry, Curly, and Moe were there with three more friends (Lizabeth, Shirley and Flo?).  I think Larry left first again too. Sad to report a few days latter Tommy the crab trapper said he saw one of the White Pelicans “floating” and now only five remain. The night herons have been active also. Well sort of. One evening I saw six adult Black Crowned Night Herons resting on the neighbors dock.  They didn’t get “active” until I showed up with the camera. The Belted Kingfishers (Spunky and Funky) have also returned to the area and are making themselves known by their familiar shrill squawk. 

     My birdwatching amigo to the north reports tens of thousands of blackbirds heading south for the winter. The local Audubon Society is meeting up each weekend now to catch the southern migrations.  Everyone is getting set to watch the birds. I have a theory.  I think the birds are keeping tabs on us! Just can’t shake that felling someone is looking over my shoulder each day. Maybe it is just one of those remote controlled “birds” again. Let me ask you this, just where do you think we got the expression, “A little bird told me”? Be blessed. Harry


The Eagles have indeed returned to the Broward.  

I think he is following us! Look there he is again with that stupid camera! 

I see you!  

If you don't leave I might do something nasty! 

If he comes any closer I'm gonna poop on him! 

Go ahead and leave, or I'm telling on you!  

Larry, Curly, and Moe with Lizabeth, Shirley and Flo? 

It's been a hard days night for the Night Herons. 

George, the Yellow Crowned Night Heron has been gathering dirt on someone, and it is all over his legs.  

George, the Yellow Crowned Night Heron has been gathering dirt on someone, and it is all over his legs. 

The Kingfisher is perturbed about the neighboring doves taking all the best branches to sit on!

Lately the Kingfishers seems to be in a flap over everything! 

I can't shake this feeling though that someone up there is watching me.

Ok Miley, Let's see you "twerk" your feathers like this! 

Perhaps we all need to pause and reflect on what we say and where we are going. (Photo by Donna). 

Got that strange feeling again, that someone is watching me? 

Hey, you lookin at me? 

I see everything says George! 

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