To everything there is a season

     Are they changing yet? I sure do miss seeing the changing of the color of the leaves in fall. How bout some of you northern folks send me some fall pictures? We are in the harvest season and the fall migration of birds. Some head further south for the winter, some head north (but not Snowbirds, they just go to Florida or Arizona). You know who I am talking about. Others just hunker down, put on more layers and enjoy a nice steamy cup of coffee by the fireplace like the Editor and I do in the morning.

     Thought I would venture out beyond the Broward again and head to the Viera Wetlands. A friend reported a migration of Green Herons in the area. We have a few that I see fly by on the Broward this time of the year but rarely do they land near the dock. The five-day weather forecast showed a post frontal high building as the best time to go. Sometimes "life" changes our plans. I couldn’t make it the planned day so I leave about 4 am the next day. Yesterday was perfect clear blue skies, should be like that early today right? Wrong! As the light begins to reveal the sky all I see are dark low clouds and rain enroute to the wetlands. I arrive at dawn and find the wetlands are closed to vehicles so I head across the street to the “Click ponds”.  Sure enough there are lots of Little Green Herons feeding in the ponds. But it is just too dark to photograph. I wait and watch and have a great time as I observe them hunt for tadpoles and insects. Finally I got a small break in the clouds and capture a few photos. I also spot my first Sora. The Sora is an illusive member the rail family of birds and rarely does one get a photo I am told. As soon as it sees me it runs into the reeds to hide. I inadvertently interrupt an Osprey having breakfast. It gave me a “look” as it lifts up and flies to a more secluded tree to finish its meal. I then spot a Great Egret with a huge frog in its throat.

     For every season we are told there is a reason. Perhaps I should have stayed home. Bet the poor frog wished it had. The next day on the dock guess who is there? Yes, there on the dock sits a Little Green Heron. Are you going through some season in your life and things are not going as planned? Had enough rainy miserable days? I sure have. Yet I know there is a reason for the season..just can’t seem to figure it out yet though. Thankfully the coffee pot is hot. Be Blessed. Harry

Little Green Herons are migrating through the area of the Viera Wetlands ..

I capture a brief glimpse of the illusive SORA, a member of the rail family..

Juvenile Little Blue Heron, white plumes and a grey sky

Boat Tailed Grackle male sings a morning song..

I inadvertently interrupt an Osprey having breakfast.

I don't read beaks but I can see a clear message in those eyes…get lost Mr Doohickey!

Bet the poor frog is not enjoying breakfast either. 

Did someone say breakfast?

Guess who I surprise on the dock the next morning….a Little Green Heron!

Perhaps I should have just stayed home? 

Spunky the female Belted Kingfisher flies by giving me the eye..

What is the reason for this season in my life I wonder..


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