Guardian Angels!

It was a bright sunny day as I headed to the pier. I glance up to see a juvenile Bald Eagle soaring by and circle around the neighbor’s tree. As I walk up the pier it glides by me and soars across the river out of sight. What a magnificent looking bird. Apparently it was hungry too as I would soon learn.                        

This eagle fly by is on the same morning as The Gathering I reported. As I was beginning to walk back down the pier from that event I glanced up to my right and noticed the same juvenile Bald Eagle circle over a distant tree. Suddenly a very brave or very stupid Red-Winged Blackbird starts to dive bomb and harass the eagle. The young eagle just ignores the pesky little bird. Its attention is focused elsewhere. I am also focused on trying to focus my camera on the eagle without falling off the pier and pressing the doohickey to catch the aerial feat of bravery of the blackbird (or its demise).  The eagle then circles directly over my head and seems very interested in something. I glance down at the ground. There is my little red shorthaired miniature dachshund Lucy cowering below the eagle. Holy Smokes!  She apparently crawled under the fence and was trying to find me. I started yelling at her to get back in the house but it only scares her more. She freezes. My Mother In Law’s caregiver Marleen saw what was happening and ran out and nearly fell on top of Lucy trying to protect her from the hungry eagle. She picks Lucy up in her arms.  Outnumbered now three to one the young eagle gives up the hunt and soars away. The Red Winged blackbird goes home telling a tale of how he whooped up on an Eagle today. Lucy is safe and sound! But what a scare it gave me. I don’t know if that bird could have picked her up but the look in its eyes sure seemed to me that it was about to try. We will keep an eye on the sky from now on when the dogs are out. I don’t worry about my other two dachshunds. I don’t think there is an eagle big enough to carry those two away if you know what I mean. The North Jax Monthly article didn’t call them chubby for nothing.

Lucy survived her harrowing ordeal. It taught me a lesson. Eagles and other birds might be beautiful creatures to watch but until the day comes when the “Lion lays down with the Lamb “ these birds like the eagle still have to eat. And some of them are not to particular about who or what it is as long as they can catch it. Lucy had a guardian angel watching her in our caregiver. And I sincerely believe we do too! Like they say, “Don’t drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly “ though. Be blessed. Harry

Early morning fly by of a juvenile Bald Eagle.

A very brave (or foolhardy)  Red Winged Blackbird buzzes the eagle.

The eagle ignores the pesky bird and focuses in on a potential prey.

The eagle soars directly overhead and spots my little dachshund Lucy!

The eagle  circles around lower in an attempt to size up Lucy for breakfast but Marleen saves her!

Outnumbered three to one including one bad Red Wing, the eagle soars away. Lucy survives her ordeal.

Lucy survives, between you and me I think the Eagle thought she was too fat!


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