Shades of Gray

     Nothing seems clear anymore! If you are reading this and are over 50 years of age, is it just me, or has the world gone crazy? When I grew up the world was black and white, right and wrong, good and bad, hot or cold. Now there are no definite borders or boundaries. What once was the edge is only the beginning. But the beginning of what, and to where?

     When photography started in its infancy with the camera obscura (basically a box with a pinhole) a lighted objects reflection passed through an opening and was projected on a wall or paper where it could be traced. Film cameras came into being with the discovery of silver nitrate or oxide components on first wet and then dry film.  The early 1800s era film cameras were all developed in black and white until color film became available. Ansel Adams was a true master of the black and white photography landscape images. I remember my Grandfather’s Kodak Brownie box cameras, the invention of Kodachrome color films, and finally the instant Polaroid camera. I also remember looking at the stereoscope images that made the photographs look three-dimensional (3D).  With the advent of digital camera technology, film camera production halted a decade ago. Recently I heard of a new cell phone with multiple cameras that will also start producing 3D digital images. Soon they will be mounted in eyeglass type frames and you will take photos with the blink of an eye. Hope it takes awesome bird photos too.

     I sometimes long to go back to a time when there were clear boundaries. Things were black and white. You were either honest or dishonest. Good or bad, hot or cold. So in that frame of reference I chose to find some birds and other photos that look good in black and white. Hope you enjoy this little journey back in photo time. Ultimately I think it is the direction we will be heading only in reverse if you know what I mean. Be Blessed.

Billowing clouds in Black and White, frozen in time it seems.

Fish Crow, easy to do since it is all black to begin with..

The Laughing Gull is mostly shades of Black, Gray and white.

Snowy Egret glides overhead, the bright sunlight gives it an X-Ray appearance 

Great Egret in Black and White gives an Ethereal feeling

A splash of pink from the Roseate Spoonbill gives more shade of gray..

Pink Angel in black and white..

Translucent wings melt into the clouds ( Albumen print reproduction effect)

Honey I'm Home..Great Egret returns to the nest!

Sailing like a feather in the wind (Calotype Glass Negative effect)

Flaps down for landing! (Daguerrotype print effect)

9th Inning neck stretch. (21st Century Sliver technique)

Waning Moon shines in Black and White! Seems clear to me..


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