The Maine Event..part two

     The only thing better than seeing the Puffins is being able to share the experience with others. Excited about the first-day’s “Maine Event”, I returned to the Riverside Inn and started to download my photos. The computer indicated this would take three hours so I went down to the Inn lobby to talk to the owner Cynthia. “I need your help,” she said. Two guests (Liz and Claire) had arrived to go on the Puffin tour the next day and Cynthia wanted me to meet them and tell them all about what to expect. They were concerned about being able to make the trip and I shared with them what would happen and agreed to be their personal escort.  These two beautiful ladies were both young at heart, fit, and raring to go.

     Early the next morning Liz, Claire, and I grabbed our breakfast-to go bags and headed for the wharf. The sun is up by 4 AM so there was plenty of light at 0630 when we arrived. The seas were calm and the thin layer of morning fog was beginning to burn off already. I helped the ladies down the beach to the waiting skiff that took us to the Barbara Frost to begin the 45-minute transit.  The lighthouse keeper greeted us as we disembarked and then escorted us to our photo blind. When I opened the little observation windows to see the Puffins, Liz and Claire giggled like two little schoolgirls. They were so excited. Our time went too fast and soon we were headed back to Cutler bay with fond memories and photographs to boot.

     Both avid hikers, Liz and Claire still wanted to get in some exercise. Lubec Maine is a short drive up the coast so we went there for lunch and a hike and to see the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse. This is the Eastern most point on the US Coast where the sun first shines on our great nation. Since 1808, there has been a lighthouse there to guide ships through the Quoddy Narrows. The current one, with distinctive red-and-white stripes, was built in 1858, and is an active aid to navigation. We found a nice place for a late lunch. I had some fish chowder and a lobster roll and finished off with some fresh strawberry pie.

     The next challenge I faced was to keep pace with Liz and Clair as they hiked up and down the park trails to a rock outcrop. The smell of fresh pine forest filled the air. The cool coastal breeze was like a natural air conditioner.  Those gals wore me out by the time we were done.  Clumps of lavender Lupine dotted the return route to the Inn (Liz was surprised I knew what Lupine was).  To end our perfect day we decided to have nothing but desert for dinner and went to HELENS eatery for more pie. Blueberry season was still just beginning so I was forced to have some more wild strawberry pie.

     I said goodbye to my newfound friends and the next morning drove the coastal route back to Boston. There is nothing like a steamy bowl of Boston Clam Chowder on a rainy day. Now the Editor has the task of choosing her favorite Puffin photo for me to frame. Here are some more Puffin smiles. Hope you enjoy them as much as Claire and Liz did. It was a pleasure sharing it with them. Be Blessed. Harry

How is this for a Puffin Smile?

How is this for a Liz (left) and Claire (right)  smile? should have seen the look on their faces when I opened the blinds to see the Puffins.

These photo blinds opened a world of wonder for my friends Liz and Claire..and me too!

I see you lookin at me! Atlantic Puffin only a few feet away made us laugh..

Now we know where they got the idea for Darth Vader's helmet..Razorbill laughing at us..

Sitting in the rain..

Sitting Pretty on the rock enjoying the day

Puffin Profile

Am I cute or what?

Wink n Wings....Atlantic Puffin

Say Ahhhh...the serrated pads on the roof of the mouth allow the Puffin to carry a whole mouthful of fish back to the nest burrow. 

Puffin in flight..

Northern Gannet, a first for me...six birds were trying to start a breeding colony on the island.

This is not a puffin...Harbor seal getting washed by a wave..

West Quody Light head

Where the sun first shines on our great nation

A view from the top

Looking down on Maine's rugged rocky coast..

Little River Light House Cutler can spend the night here..

Come back and see me again ya'll. From the down east coast of Maine!


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