Strange encounters...of the fourth kind...

     February’s alignment of the planets brought Venus (the bright morning star) and the red planet Mars in close proximity. Saturn was also visible in the predawn hours. Strange? Perhaps. I have been sitting on the dock on the Broward for over four years now. I have learned to be observant and nature has been a wonderful teacher. Friends were there to help me identify some of the rarer birds I have seen. But nothing prepared me for this..

     I first noticed it hopping across the lagoon in the late evening light. It was there one minute, then gone. The next day I again caught a glimpse of something odd in the marsh. I have seen a variety of reptiles and amphibians in my time but this was a first for me. That evening it was back, sitting next to the marsh grass, a strange grin on its green face. And it was holding a sign that said “ve ou”! An alien language perhaps or poor French? Yes, it was a strange encounter of the fourth kind. A rare sighting of a balloon faced Valentines frog. One that I will never forget. One for the record books on the Broward.

     As I looked up from the odd creature below me another strange sight came into view. It was part human and part machine like one of those cyborg creatures. Closer and closer it came, radar type appendages scanned the marsh below. I bet they were tracking the Valentines Frog too. And then it too was gone. But nothing prepared me for the strange prehistoric looking creature that then appeared flying up the marsh right towards me. Its steel blue eye bored a hole in my mind and it came closer and closer. I had to duck to prevent its huge wings from blowing me right off the dock. Then I saw something else strange on the bank. Was it fish or fowl?  A catfish or a catbird?

     I headed for the safety of the house and told the Editor what I had seen. She asked if I had started on the new medical marijuana stuff that Florida voted on. Then I showed her the photos of my strange encounter. She asked if she could have some too!..Blessings..

The day started normal. Maple buds and the mocking bird sing of the coming spring...

I had a Snowy Encounter of the Egret kind..

Here fishy fishy...come for your Valentines treat...err,,I mean my Valentines treat..

Then things started to get this Wood Stork

There is was! A grinning green frog like encounter from outer space? It was a rare Balloon Faced Valentine Frog..

Then a part human, part machine like cyborg craft appeared searching for the Valentine Frog

Then a huge prehistoric bird like creature's steel blue eyes burned into my mind

The prehistoric looking bird nearly blew me off the dock as it blocked the sun..

Strange green eyes followed me as I headed for the safety of the house...Catfish or Catbird?


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