A Brief Pelican

     Knock Knock. Who’s there? Oppor. Oppor Who? Oppor Winfrey? No. Oppor -Tunity. I was getting ready to go grab a bite on this sunny Superbowl Sunday. It was mid afternoon and the sky was blue and the sun shining very bright. These are usually harsh times as far as sunlight goes for photography. But opportunity knocked. I just had to grab that camera. You probably have seen John Grisham’s movie “The Pelican Brief” or read the book. Well my little photo novel is called “A Brief Pelican”.

     I see it glide up the channel. It is a huge majestic bird. The Brown Pelican is a year round resident of Northern Florida but we usually only see them on this part of the Broward during the winter months. They mostly stay out in the main channel but once in a while they come looking for opportunity. The overhead sun made fishing conditions great from its birds-eye view above. However, its location to the right of the pier made photographing this pelican difficult as I am looking into the sun for the most part. Silhouette type photography is an art unto itself but I really want some shots with the sun on my back. I watch as this aerial acrobat glides by and suddenly dive bombs into the water with a huge splash.  With a flip of the bill the snack is gone. It lifts its wings and in a few short flaps is airborne again. Spotting  a fish, it takes a sharp right turn over the old abandoned pier and quickly dive bombs again into the water. The water is shallow so it is careful not to dive too sharply but I have seen them plunge nearly vertical into deep water. I often wonder if they have neck problems in their old age like me. The pelican seems to pay me no attention at all as it drifts by in search of a Superbowl Sunday Brunch. Round and round it circles always into the sun. Then opportunity knocks. It glides towards me and crosses over the pier behind me and starts a long slow turn to the right over my lagoon. Pivoting with my camera, my lens  follows its path. The light is great and catches his wonderful broad brown wings as it banks over and glides by so close it fills my lens. I only got about a hundred shots but since this is a short novel I can share but a few from this brief Brown Pelican encounter.

      Opportunity comes in many ways. It may be a knock on our door. It might be an outstretched hand from a woman crying for her child and asking for money. Did you open the door? Did you stop and give without hesitation or drive away, too preoccupied with life or think it a rouse.   You never know. Someday we will though. In the meantime, I pray you an opportunity today! Be Blessed. Harry

A Brown Pelican glides up the channel looking for a Superbowl sized brunch.

Plunging from above, the pelican spots some food and dives! Splash!

With two flaps of those huge wings it is airborne again.

Hmm, is that a fish over there?

Better check that out!..SHRIMP! YUMMY!

Dive! Dive! Dive!

Let's go look for more!

You want a photo op? You got it.

How is this? Nice Pecks huh?

Here I come!

Close enough yet? Brought a tear to my beak.

Can you get a bigger lens? This one cramps my style.

If you liked the book, you will love the movie. See Ya!

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