Big Bird is Watching You!

     I know it is Saturday and most of you are sleeping in. Not me, gotta have some COFFEEEE! I have been reading and seeing a lot of news lately about the increasing use by the Government of unmanned (remote controlled) air vehicles for domestic surveillance use. The Air Force is miniaturizing them to look like bugs. One demonstration recently had one the size and shape of a humming bird. Well as a child I always enjoyed flying paper airplanes and those little wooden ones you get from the Five and Dime stores (I know, showing my age again). Then they came out with model planes with real engines you could fly. Trouble was they usually crash landed and the fun was over.

I decided to try a new tactic. What if I could remote control a bird. That would be really cool. So I have been working on a design of my own. It is not that hard, most of the parts are readily available at a hobby store. You just have to know where to place the little electrodes to make the wings flap but I found that information in some on line books. We have an injured bird place nearby. I went there and got a Pelican they had recently nursed back to health. They agreed to let me try it out on the bird. As you can see from these pictures it really worked well. Now the next thing I am going to do is try to outfit it with a small camera too! That is if I can find it. Darn thing flew off when it saw a pretty female fly by.

 Big Brother is not the only one watching you. Big Father has been doing it for years and has it all recorded. Every thing you ever said, did, thought of or wished you did. I wonder how He did it. In the meantime if you see my bird flying by let me know.  Be Blessed. Harry

Looks like a normal pelican just flying by!

The antenna is barely noticeable unless you look real close.

My first test run fly by.

Wow, if I had a camera also I could get some close ups of the gals on the beach this summer..hmmm

Wonder if I can land this thing ok in the water. Better give it another go around.

That was easy, now let's take off again.

Wings out, feet up, gain a little airspeed.

Yep, we are airborne again!

And we have liftoff! That wasn't so hard now.

This is fun. Hey see that Pelican with the pretty beak over there. Gotta check her out.

See ya later pal. Trust me. I'll be back, with a camera!

And I will be watching everything you do!


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