The Gathering.

     This morning was the coldest day of the year in Florida so far. We had another deep freeze on the birdbath and points south were affected in the fruit farms. It was a cold bright sunny morning none-the-less. Did you ever see and hear things that just make the hair (or feathers) on your head stand straight up? I am sure you heard about the recent meteor crashed in Russia with hundreds injured. Last night my Editor in Chief saw a news-clip today about a sighting in the Pacific off San Diego of over 100,000 dolphins gathering in a pod that measured seven miles long and five miles wide. That video got my attention! Well I have seen some gatherings on the Broward lately also. These were not quite as large as the dolphins gathering.  Not sure just what to make of it. I saw more than usual today, just about every bird on the Broward came today. I think they heard about me in the North Jax Monthly.

     The Osprey has the ability to view things from various perspectives. I thought I would share a few of the observations noted as it flew over. The Osprey is one of two hawks that hover (according to my friend Frenchy, the other being one called a Ruff legged Hawk). It is reported they are one of the most agile birds of flight known. This Osprey hovered directly overhead and bent its head about every way possible. I must be photogenic or interesting to it. The eagle with the broken feather on the left wing flew over again. It gave me a real sideways glance. Then the Turkey Vulture and Red Shouldered Hawk soared overhead to see what they could see. Just me. The cormorants are becoming a common daily gathering. However, it seems that today they don’t know which way to go. A large flight swims down the Broward, then one seems to indicate they were going the wrong way and they did a 180 degree turn and head up the Broward. The Ladies of the Club, those gossiping mallard hens also stopped by. One looked at me real funny. I wonder what gossip it spread about me.  The other big gathering lately is the Snowy Egrets.  One flew by and sat up on the pole at the dock and its eyes seemed to peer right into my soul.  It was having trouble perching there in the wind. A strong westerly one was blowing by the looks of it. Later I caught a large gathering on the neighbor’s pier. They fly to the old pier and then they all flew off to the river. They are a pretty sight to see, like white angels (the good ones I hope).  The Brown Pelican flew by but just kept its head down. Then out of the morning mist came a gathering too incredible to describe. They look like huge white ships sailing up through the sunlit fog on the Broward, seven ghost like figures in a row. These white pelicans move as if spirits on the water. They gather together and begin fishing. Soon though it looks like they were at peace and just resting.

     I don’t know why the birds and other mammals are gathering. It is not just because of the sudden change of weather or mating season.  Winds of change are blowing all over. A gathering of Cardinals of another sort is about to take place also. Will there be more gatherings of other types? Time will tell.  All I can tell you is not to let your hair feathers get too out of place like the Tricolored Heron. Be at peace like the White Pelicans. Psalms 91 tells us “He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust” Be Blessed. Harry

The Osprey is one of two hovering hawks. This one begins to observe me from overhead.

It peers sideways!

It peers upside down.

Then right side up!

The Osprey confirms it has sighted the crazy bird photographer of Broward!

The Eagle with the broken feather on the left wing gives a sideways glance.

The red head Turkey Vulture and Red Shouldered Hawk peer down.

A flight of cormorants head down the Broward. One seems to say stop, we are going the wrong way!

They do an about face and head up the river (in search of a photographer?)

One of the Ladies of the Club give me a look. Wonder what gossip it spreads!

A Snowy Egret peers down from above.

The wind nearly blows it off the pole.

The Snowy Egrets take flight from one pier to another.

They look like white angels in flight (the good ones I hope).

Shall we gather at the River?

Seven White Pelicans appear like ghosts in the sunlit fog, gliding by like white spirits on the water.

They stop and rest.

Don't let your hair feathers go astray!

I hear Janet the hair lady can do wonders for hair feathers! Don't worry.

Then you too can have Peace like a River!


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