Waiting and Watching...

     In the cold dark morning hours the Tricolored Heron sits and waits and watches. “I just know He is coming”, quips the shivering Heron. The frost is as thick as snow on the dock this morning. The Heron’s toes feel like they are frozen solid as it sits on the frost covered dock and waits and silently watches. Perhaps if I go up on my perch I can see him coming says the freezing little bird. So up he goes.

     The sun has not yet fully risen but the warm golden rays are beginning to light up the morning sky like fire. With frozen wings the poor bird is hopeful that soon, yes soon he will see the coming of the one he is anticipating. His toes and wings feel like frozen lead weights. As the suns rays begin to penetrate the marsh, warmth starts to fill the air spaces between the feathers. Stretching out its left wing the little Heron stands on one frozen leg and lets its feathers warm to the sun. Then with aching toes it switches balance to the other leg and slowly stretches the other leg and wing. As it peers into the morning sky there is nothing but emptiness. The little bird just knows he is coming. Perhaps if I fly down and wait on the dock I will catch him sneaking in the back way.  So I will just sit there and wait and watch some more. After what seems like an eternity, the Tricolored Heron flies over to my dock and peers into the marsh. The bird impatiently stands, waiting and watching for the expected arrival. The vigil is taking its toll on legs and wings. Time to take another stretch. Ohhh that feels better now. Suddenly the sky is filled with wings of white. The Great Egret announces the coming…He is here, Santa Blue is here!

     Like little children anxious to see the arrival of Santa Clause, the birds of the Broward are awaiting the arrival of their own Blue feathered Santa arriving with a sack full of marsh goodies. As for me, I pause to give thanks this week in celebration of a different arrival. This arrival happened about two thousand years ago in the birth of a child.  A child named Wonderful, Counselor, the Prince of Peace, who will soon come again I believe. In the meantime I will be the one just sitting on the dock and waiting and watching. Until then, you have a Blessed and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Reflections on Broward

Red Sky in Morning, Sailor take warning..Sunrise on the Broward.

The Tricolored Heron has been up waiting and watching long before dawn ..it hops down onto the floating dock as I approach..

The frosty boards look like they are covered in snow. The heron's toes are frozen in a matter of moments..yet it watches and waits.

I can't feel my toes…better get back on the perch to see if I can see him coming..

The cold wind blows through the birds feathers..the sun begins to rise..

Ohhh that feels better,,,,the heron stretches its left leg and wing..

Now the other one…oh yeah..better

He has to be coming soon..I will wait near the dock. Perhaps I will catch him there..

I just don't see him yet? 

Maybe I will catch him coming up the dock..brrr..water sure is cold..

Maybe he is on the other dock…oohhhh that feels good..

Oh my goodness…what is that sound I hear..?

The sky is filled with wings of white…He is coming..He is coming shouts the Great Egret..

Santa Blue has arrived…The Editor and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..

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