Dock of the Bay...

     The words of this classic song by Otis Redding ring in my mind…

” So I'm just gonna sit on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away
Ooo, I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay
Wastin' time”

     Some might call it “wastin time” but the Editor and I found our getaway this week with some old friends to be time well spent. We met them at their daughter’s “Happy Place” in Orange Beach, Alabama and had a nice relaxing week. Not far from their historic 1925 era cottage was an art center where we saw artisans blowing glass figures and making pottery. A local Great Blue Heron by the name of “Jimmy” was supposed to hang around there in the peaceful pines along the bay. Sure enough, no sooner had I sat down on the bench when I heard a loud squawk as Jimmy lifted off from the tree next to me and flew over to a restaurant pier. It appears Jimmy does not like getting his picture taken. The challenge was on.

We drove to the restaurant pier and sure enough there was Jimmy. And just like before Jimmy was bound determined not to let me get close enough to photograph. I did manage to catch him posing like a piling before flying off back to the art center. A very unhappy Osprey also let it be known it did not want any photos taken either. What is a bird photographer supposed to do? Thankfully the pelicans and terns were happy to pose for photos while “sittin on the dock of the bay”.

     Take time to see old friends while you can. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay longer and look up some other folks in the area but next time we will. I plan to give ole Jimmy another run for his money when the pelicans are in their breeding plumage. Thank you Michelle and Charlie for sharing your “Happy Place” by the dock of the bay. 

"No photos allowed Mr Doohickey" squawked Jimmy the Great Blue Heron..

If I pretend to be a piling maybe Mr Doohickey won't photograph me..

Jimmy flew off each time I got close. I'll be back ....

Osprey loudly protesting getting photographed

Forsters Tern posing for a photo..

The Brown Pelicans had no problem getting photographed while watching the tide roll away..

Sitting here resting my bones....


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