Crab Fu Fighting..

     Some of you may remember the late David Carradine’s 1970s Kung Fu series. It made the martial arts very popular in America. I recently saw another form of Kung Fu fighting on the beach. Only this new form was called "Crab Fu"!

     A small Ghost Crab who went by the name "Crabhopper" scampered across the sand and crossed in front of a fledgling Royal Tern. The young bird, though inexperienced in finding its own food, decided this might be a nice lunch instead of the usual fish it had been gorging on for the past month.  Crabhopper, however, was not so enamored with this idea and immediately went into its best “Crab Fu” stance and let the bird know it had better back off or else. The daunting size of the bird was no match for Crab Fu fighting. The look on the young Tern was one of shock and awe. At this point the little crab decided to use all its legs and boogey out of there as fast as possible. Ghost Crabs can disappear in a matter of seconds right in front of your eyes.  And so it did. 

     Unlike the proverbial David and Goliath story, this “giant” lived to eat another day.  And so did little Crabhopper who continues to warily wander the beach in peace while in search of tidbits hoping not to become one. But when danger arises, so does the "Crab Fu" fighter with claws as fast as lightning. Blessings. 

The dog days of August begin...this Great Egret stands as a Summer Sentinel..

Royal Reflections..a Royal Tern chick has fully fledged and enjoys a morning dip in the tidal pool. 

Sandwich Terns attempted to nest this season also...But the Royal Tern had another "Sandwich" in mind.

Crabhopper, the Ghost Crab was making his way accross the beach one day...

Crabhopper crossed the path of a Fledgling Royal Tern looking to make lunch out of the wary crab.

Trained in Crab Fu, Crabhopper immediately went into his fighting stance kicking sand in the Terns mouth instead..

Back off bird before I make drumsticks out of you with these claws of lightning..

Time to boogy now!

My master always said to be at peace when possible. But when danger arises, it's Crab Fu time!


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