Dog Days....

     I am sure you have heard of the term “Dog Days of Summer”.  This is defined as “the sultry part of the summer, supposed to occur during the period the Sirius, the Dog Star, rises at the same time as the sun: now often reckoned from July 3 to August 11.” It is a period marked by lethargy, inactivity, or indolence. I can say for sure the latter describes the actions of my three pups and the Editor lately (only the Editor does not rise at the same time as the sun).

     On a rosier note, it is also the time of year when the “Spoonies” visit the Broward. Although it has been too hot for me to chase them in my kayak, the Roseate Spoonbills are making daily visits during the incoming and ebbing tidal period to feed like little pink pigs in the muddy water. The Roseate Spoonbill gets its name from their rosy pink colored feathers and spoon shaped bill. It sweeps its bill back and forth in the outgoing tidal stream and scoops up minnows and any other tasty morsel it comes upon. Later this fall they will move to points further south as the weather changes.  The Anhinga and Wood Storks are also commonly seen feeding this time of year. George, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron, has been successful in raising up another generation with George Jr. too it seems. 

Combines will be rolling on the plains and fields as the harvest time begins later this month. It is also a good time to harvest old friendships and memories. Yet another harvest may be coming soon too..are you ready?....Blessings. Harry

First Roseate Spoonbill flyby of the 2016 summer on the Broward

The bright pink feathers and spoon shaped bill give this bird its unique name..Roseate Spoonbill

This juvenile Roseate Spoonbill still has its head feather, adults have balding heads due to the bacteria in the mud. 

The spoon shaped bill is used to sweep back and forth in the tidal stream and grab minnows and other morsels.

Spoonbill feeding

Roseate Spoonbill Dog Day flyby....

George Jr. the Yellow-crowned Night Heron progeny makes his dog day debut...

Anhinga (male) flyby..


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