I'm just a hairy guy...

From the lyrics of “Hair”

"She asks me why, why I'm just a hairy guy.

I'm hairy noon and nighty night night, my hair is a fright.

I'm hairy high and low, but don't ask me why, cause he don't know."


     The Editor has to return to school soon so we took off on a Saturday morning to the Alligator Farm and Zoo…I was hoping to see the last of the Roseate Spoonbills but alas they were gone. However, there lots of Tricolored and little Blue Heron fledglings. The peach fuzz feathers on the fledglings give a comical look to the Tricolored Heron young. They sure make me laugh with their fuzzy spiked hair-feathers. I think you will see a smile form on your face too as you look at them.

     The young fledglings will soon be gone. They have lots of energy and the parents are still very busy feeding them. When the parent arrives with food it can quickly turn into a nasty food fight among the siblings. Sibling rivalry is very evident at food time. Survival of the fittest is the law of the jungle still.

     Thank God for cell phones now though. No such food fights occur at our kitchen and dining room tables much anymore. Cracks me up to see a family of siblings at the table. No one is looking at the food. They all have their faces glued to their phones instead. Not in my day, I was looking at the drumstick, and ready to stick a fork in my brothers hand if he reached for it.  Be blessed Harry

My hair (feathers) is a fright! Fledgling Tricolored Heron's funny hair-doo

You got something to say about my hair feather dude?

Look, here comes mom with more FOOD!

I think there is a flea in my feathers...gotta scratch..

Here comes the adult with more food!

Landing conditions are tricky..for experienced adults

A fledgling follows on its first test flight...looking for food..

Food fight begins among the Tricolored Herons..no room for siblings here...

Snowy Egret parent arrives with more food..

A food fight follows..

This Snowy fledgling chases away its rival siblings.

The food is mine, mine, mine..Snowy with a "tude"

Why can't we all just get along like the peaceful mourning dove..?

Three young fledgling Wood Storks...they don't fight like the herons..because..right now they are a hairy guy..

The young Wood Storks know soon enough they will loose their hair feathers and look like the old man!

Think about it...enjoy your youth while you have it..you will grow old soon enough..but enjoy that too, hair or no hair!

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