Look! Up in the sky..

     Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird, It’s a plane. It is blue and red and streaking thru the sky. No it isn’t Superman, just the Southwest Eagle flight coming in for a landing. Summer is sure heating up on the Broward and the number of birds is still few and far between. The camera and lens are going back in the repair shop. I might have to take a little break on the Broward until it gets back. Maybe a friend will let me borrow one in the meantime (hint, hint).

     One of the faithful feathered friends I see on the outgoing tide is the Tricolored Heron. It looks up in the sky. What is it looking at I wonder? No hawks in the area.  Soon I see it snatch a dragonfly out of the air for a late afternoon snack. Poor fella. The dragonflies emerge from a larval stage from the water about this time of year and only have two or three weeks to fly, mate and then be gone. Hope it had a good time before it became a snack. A swirl of minnows engulfs the Heron as the tide recedes. Soon it has a harpooned a nice fat minnow and makes short work of the meal before flying off to the mouth of the channel. In the distance I see an Osprey dive into the river and bring up a fish. It flies in my direction giving me a nice profile shot of the squirming redfish in its talons. Nice catch too. A Snowy Egret lands in the channel only to act camera shy and takes off again but not before I capture the moment. The grace and beauty in the wings of white nearly take my breath away.

     I am growing restless as the summer heats up. How about you? Is it the heat or something else in the air besides dragonflies? I am not use to being without my camera for so long.  I don’t what to do with myself. So I’ll just try to be patient and wait until things change. Good things come to those who wait they say. In the meantime, look up in the sky! Who knows what’s coming next. Be blessed. Harry

Look! Up in the sky...!

It's a bird!

It's a bird!

It's a plane, the red and blue Southwest Eagle coming in for a landing!

A Dragonfly is snatched out of the air for a quick snack. Poor fella...

A swirling school of minnows surround the Heron, the hunter strikes.

The Tricolored Heron harpoons a nice fat minnow for supper!

A Snowy Egret briefly touches down and takes off again...

Graceful wings of white take away my breath for a moment..

Good things come to those who wait..see what the Osprey caught!  Nice Catch.

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