From Ordinary to the Extraordinary..

     Hello Sunshine! Been a beautiful week on the Broward, lots of sunny days.  A frontal system passed through just in time for the weekend bringing April showers to water the grass. A man I am proud to call Friend, Mentor, and Shipmate, recently wrote this statement that more than eloquently describes the week I have had.  “So I will continue to walk the same familiar routes, never expecting to see anything extraordinary, taking delight in being witness to the ordinary, with that ray of hope always present that something special may be in store for me. (By Captain Frenchy Corbeille)” Indeed that is my hope each day as I venture out to the dock.

     Ordinary birds are capable of extraordinary beauty. Many birds have plumage and other changes during the breeding season, which can make even the ordinary very extraordinary. I hope to capture some of these changes during the coming months and share with you. Not all birds are born with lovely Peacock feathers with which to show the world their “tails”. Indeed there are some birds like the poor Wood Stork, whose beauty can only be imagined by most. You should see them fly though. During the breeding season, the Snowy Egrets legs turn from yellow to black and the feet turn a bright orange yellow. The Tricolored Heron’s beak has a black tip with yellow that turns to blue during this time. Their legs go from yellow to pink or maroon in color and the white crown feathers seem to pop out more. They are especially hilarious when the wind spreads the head crown feathers. It looks like the crown on the Statue of Liberty (or a bad hair-feather day). Another unusual bird, the Black Skimmer, has also recently been seen from the dock as it flies low along the streams with its lower mandible skimming the surface for food. If I could only get it to do that in the direction I prefer it would make an ordinary shot into an extraordinary one.

      We ordinary human beings are also capable of the extraordinary. No one (including myself) ever expected me to be a photographer, writer/blogger, or even cook, but miracles do happen each day.  Like my friend Frenchy said, take that step outside today “with the ray of hope always present that something special may be in store” for you too!  Be Blessed. Harry

A formation flight of Ibis on a clear blue morning sky. Must be Air Force pilots, Navy fliers would be in perfect wing formation!

I am not just another pretty face, beneath these feathers is an extraordinary flying machine!

Oh, what a night!  Immature Black Crowned Night Heron sets out for an extraordinary night on the Broward.

Bad Hair-feather Day for a Tricolored Heron. The beak is beginning to turn blue for breeding.

Mature Black Crowned (foreground) and Yellow Crowned Night Heron (Aka George)  discuss the evenings adventures.

Mature Black Crowned (foreground) and Yellow Crowned Night Heron (Aka George)  discuss the evenings adventures.

Ok, you over there, put down the camera or we are all going to an extraordinary "poop" on the dock! Right George?

Little Blue Heron is showing blue beak breeding color also.

Broken Feather, the adult Male Bald Eagle heads home to the nest after a long day of hunting for the family..

Black Skimmer "skims" in the wrong direction..

Snowy Egret beginning to show black on the legs,,,!

Down the hatch,,nothing like a morning minnow for an extraordinarily delicious snack.

You have an extraordinary day while I wait here for my ordinary!


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