Blue (Heron) Christmas

     Who can forget the words of the iconic song “Blue Christmas” sung by non other than Elvis Presley (that is for those of us of the senior generation). As the Editor and I enter into this week before the celebration of the greatest gift to mankind, we want to wish each of you and your families, a very Merry Christmas. We really don’t want you to have a Blue Christmas missing someone.  However,  we do want to share a Blue (Heron) Christmas with you.

     While on a recent workshop I stopped by the Viera Wetlands to see Gus and Greta, the nesting pair of the Great Blue Herons once again. Gus and Greta were embraced together, silhouetted in the pre-dawn light, to greet the morning. Gus flew off to gather nesting material before the sunrise and was greeted by Greta with enthusiasm with each simple gift.  Greta then carefully placed each stick with care. A bit later it appeared something was said that upset poor Gus (something about leaving for Christmas). However, they were quick to make up and hug each other in just a matter of moments. Had this not taken place it could have ended just like the song, a real Blue Christmas. The Ibis (both white and glossy) were there also (decorating a tree) as were many other birds. On my return trip I also got a few photos of Florida’s beautiful native blue and gray feathered Scrub Jay.

    We hope and pray each of you get to share this Christmas with your loved ones and pause to remember why we celebrate this festive occasion. It’s not just about a gift. It is about the love of the Giver too! Blessings to you and yours. Harry

Gus and Greta, a pair of nesting Great Blue Herons greet the morning in the pre dawn light

Gus gathers nesting material and presents them to Greta who seems thrilled with the gift. 

Gus, promise me you will be here for Christmas! I would be so blue without you..

Greta ,where did you get that crazy idea I would ever leave you? From Elvis the Egret?

Give me a hug please!

I may be a Great Blue but I would be even bluer without you Greta!

White Ibis prepare to "decorate" the barren tree..

A Glossy Ibis flies off for some last minute Christmas shopping.

I can't help having a Blue Christmas..that's my primary color....Florida Scrub Jay

Winter Solstice Dawns on the Broward..the shortest day and longest night of the year. 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from Reflections on Broward..


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