Global Yawning...

     Global Warming. Climate Change. Name it whatever suites you. It has been identified as the largest threat to humanity and biggest threat to the United States of America according to State level documents published. This appears to be the only State Department document that was not lost or deleted also. However, I don’t think this is the real issue. The real problem is Global Yawning.

     Global Yawning used to just affect human beings. Now it has jumped the human to bird gap. Yes, the birds are being affected also. In a tree, while flying, while sitting on their nests. Global yawning is affecting the entire kingdom of the avian species. These photos below are just a few examples. What are the symptoms? Look at the birds. You can see it in their eyes. It is total indifference to the world around them. We humans have eyes but can’t see. Now it has affected the birds. Unlike the birds, humans don’t have wings to fly away, but just wander through life as if we are unaware of the world around us. Now we are seeing the birds do the same thing. They are flying in circles. Beaks wide open. Here are some of the latest headlines..take time to read them.

ISIS Beheads 21 Christians

Early Thursday five shooters from the Somali-based al-Shabaab terrorist organization swept through a university in the Kenyan town of Garissa, shooting Christian students.

Before Being Killed, Children Told ISIS: ‘No, We Love Jesus’


Jordanian Pilot Kaseasbeh Burned Alive by Islamic State

How long are we going to keep yawning and turning and flying away from the problem? 

It used to just affect the old…now the young are yawning too!

I did not see anyone kill those birds..really…besides..what difference does it make at this point..

I am just an ole ugly bird…no one cares what is happening on the marsh..

Just shake it off…take a nap..

Do some Yoga..relax…you will see..everything is fine..

Did you hear about all those 11,000 cormorants the government wants to kill?

What? The Government would never allow that to happen.. Would they? For a fish?

BNN TV says it is just those over the hill so called patriotic Eagles stirring up trouble..

Yawn…the world sure looks rosy to me...

Especially if you hide your eyes and turn the other way..

Hey that works pretty well…think I will try that too

I don't see anything wrong where I am going….Yawn…where was I heading? Have you seen my wing mail account by the way..I seem to have lost it too..

I think I am not feeling too well..wonder why?

I am getting tired of flying around all day..going nowhere..

I'll just close my eyes and make the world go away…not my problem's those Eagles causing all the trouble.

Another tear shed...Photo from this site.. See the ABCs of Patriotism..



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